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Saturday, April 10, 2010

How Blessed We Are

My Family and I are currently reading a very good book titled God's Smuggler. As the name implies, it is about a man who smuggles Bible's in Communist countries for Christ. Reading this book has really helped me realize how blessed we are. There were and there are still Churches in the world that have not one single bible in the congregation. You may shrug your shoulder's at first, but when you think that a lot of these Churches have several hundred members and not one of those people have a Bible.
In America we are so blessed yet we don't realize our blessings. Instead a lot of people receive blessings, but that makes them covetous, greedy, and ungrateful. Think about that please next something or someone blesses you!

Quick footnote, if you haven't read the book God's Smuggler, you need to. It is and amazing true story that anyone and everyone will enjoy.

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